What we need to get WiFi on Newton:

After you get WiFi card and download software and driver, you can install and setup everything on Newton (emate). How to do it:

1. Install NIE software first. Install 4 .pkg files from NIE 2.0 set: enetsup.pkg, inetenbl.pkg, inetstup.pkg and newtdev.pkg

2. Install WiFi driver for WiFi card (pict above). IMPORTANT: Do NOT install additional .pkg’s from WiFi-driver except ‘LucentWaveLAN.pkg’ if your card don’t need it. To find out if your card is supported by default driver, just install driver and insert WiFi card to your Newton. If Newton see and report this card – you don’t need extra extensions. If not, then try ‘More WiFi’ or ‘lantern’ extension. Some cards will work only on default driver. If you instal; extensions, the card can not work or work faulty.

3. Click on Internet Setup icon and select Generic Setup

4. Set Connect using as Ethernet.

5. Give name for connection (i.e. ‘WiFi’), set ‘Configuration’ as ‘Manual’ and select proper WiFi card from ‘Card’ list.

6. Enter proper IP Address, subnet mask, Router Address and DNS (Google DNS working fine for me, but you can use your own)

At the end you should see something like this. You can close this window.

Now, back to Extras and open ‘Owner info’ icon.

7. Click on ‘Home’ Worksite (or any other you created and want to use for internet connection.

8. You should see that kind of view. Click on ‘Show’ and select ‘All Info’.

9. Click on ‘Add’ and select ‘Internet Access’.

10. Select ‘Internet Setup’ and select profile you’ve created before (in our example that was ‘WiFi’).

11. Click on ‘Add’ again and select ‘802.11b WaveLAN setup’.

12. Here you are able to setup WiFi card. Input your SSID. My advice is to prepare separate AP with open WiFi network for test.

And that is all. If you did everything right, you can connect with internet 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to remember that not all WiFi Access Points will work with Newton WiFi cards. I wrote separate text about it (See http://applenewton.co.uk/2017/04/26/apple-newton-2×00-wifi-hardware-compatibility-test-2017/). I also recommend to do not use any encryption. Instead of this I recommend to use AP with ability to adjust the transmission power and SSID hidden. For example I’m using Apple AirPort AP with only 10% of power. That is guarantee that my neighbour will have no access to that network because effective range is about 10 meters around.