Farallon Ethernet PC Card for Newton

Some time ago I bought on eBay network card for Newton. Farallon Ethernet PC Card (EtherWave and EtherMac – PN895). I always thought that Farallon card are the best for Newton. But this card surprised me a lot. I just can’t setup and run it!

Newton recognise this card, but card can’t get proper connection. I did couple tests on different Newton units to check if drivers working correctly (sometimes NewtonOS can have problems, especially if you want to use many different drivers for a lot of LAN/WiFi cards).

So, at this point I’m not sure where is the problem, because there is only one driver for NewtonOS and Newton recognise this card properly. What if funny, I have similar problem with old 3Com Etherlink III (3C589D) card. I’m not sure why I can’t run it properly. And Newton don’t show info window for this 3Com card.

Weird. I must do the research…

New WiFi card for Newton in my collection – Enterasys Networks RoamAbout

I have a very ugly habit of buying and testing unknown PCMCIA cards. These are usually WiFi cards, network cards (LAN) or memory cards. Sometimes I can find something interesting. This time I managed to get a WiFi card. For a penny 🙂

This card is released by Enterasys Networks, Inc, and the model name is ‘RoamAbout’. This is 5V and 16-bit card, of course. And – what is most important – working with Newton!

What is interesting, Newton WiFi driver recognise this card as a ‘Cabletron RoamAbout’, which is on official Newton compatible WiFi card list.

Next week I will do couple tests with this card.

Ps. If you want to check which WiFi cards works with Newton, that list can be helpful: WiFi cards compatible with Newton