Recently I see a lot of posts about good cables/adapters to connect Newtons with NCX on new MacOS (10.13, 10.14). So, I wish to share my experience and (I believe) a simple solution.

Most the old USB to RS422 adapters have problems working with modern macOS. Usually, there is a problem with drivers or adapters freeze, etc. But some time ago I’ve found a good cable with the FTDI chipset, which DO NOT need any drivers for MacOS 10.11 and newer. This cable is made by UGREEN and has really good quality:

UGREEN RS232 to USB cable on Amazon UK

This cable is a USB to RS232 converter, so to connect Newton with your computer you need RS232 to RS422 cable too. But this second one is a standard cable to connect Newton with RS232 (Windows standard). Most of the Newton users should have that cable. If not, you need to buy it or make it on your own. Here you have pins connection diagram:

Then you need the NCX app, which you can download from here: After installation and connecting the UGREEN cable to your macOS, you will see a separate port in NCX app settings. You can connect your Newton with a modern Mac now.

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT NCX: Sometimes NCX does not respond after closing the connection with Newton. In this case, you need to (1) close the NCX connection window, (2) close NCX, (3) open NCX, (4) and open new window (New connection – cmd+N). It is a small glitch in the NCX app.