WiFi cards for Newton

Apple Newton originally did not have the ability to work with WiFi cards. WiFi wireless did not exist when Newton was on the market. That’s why Apple never released its own WiFi card for Newton. However, with the popularization of the WiFi standard, several talented programmers created a driver enabling the use of WiFi PCMCIA cards with Newton. The author of the original driver is Hiroshi Noguchi. For upgrades and additional cards support we can thank to Paul Guyot.

Below is a list of cards that work on Newton. Bold items are the cards that I have in my collection.

  1. Agere PC23E-11-FC/R: Hermes chip set;
  2. AVAYA Wireless PC Card
  3. ARtem Onair ComCard 11
  4. Buffalo Airstation WLI-PCM-L11GP
  5. Cabletron RoamAbout
  6. Compaq WL-110 (WaveLan Clone)
  7. Dell TrueMobile 1150
  8. D-Link DWL-650 Rev J3
  9. ELSA AirLancer MC-11
  10. Enterasys RoamAbout 802.11 DS
  11. Farallon Skyline 11Mbps
  12. IBM rebadged Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE: Hermes chipset; requires Lantern;
  13. Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
  14. Linksys WCF12: CompactFlash – PCMCIA adapter needed
  15. Linksys WPC11 (Rev 1)
  16. Linksys WPC11 (Rev 3): Lantern required; 128 bit WEP
  17. Lucent Orinoco Silver: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 64 bit WEP
  18. Lucent Orinoco Gold: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 128 bit WEP; P/N 02420/B, 026258/A
  19. Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE Bronze: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 64 bit WEP
  20. Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE Silver: Lucent/Agere Chipset;
  21. Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE Gold: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 128 bit WEP
  22. MELCO WLI-PCM-L11: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 64 bit WEP
  23. MELCO WLI-PCM-L11GP: Lucent/Agere Chipset; 64 bit WEP
  24. Microsoft MN-520: Prism 2 chipset; Lantern required; 128 bit WEP
  25. Netgear MA401
  26. Planex GW-NS11H: Prism 3 Chipset; 64/128 bit WEP
  27. Proxim Harmony OEM card: Prism 2 chipset
  28. Proxim RangeLAN-DS: Prism 2
  29. SMC 2632W (Rev 1?, not 2)
  30. Sony Vaio PCWA-C150: not C150S version.
  31. Tekram PCF200