Memory cards for Newton

All Newtons can use the following PCMCIA memory cards types:

  • OMP and MP 1×0 (100, 110, 120, 130) have 1 slot for Type II card
  • MessagePad 2000 and 2100 have 2 slots for Type II card
  • eMate 300 have 1 slot for Type III card

All PCMCIA cards use a similar sized package which is 85.6 millimetres (3.37 in) long and 54.0 millimetres (2.13 in) wide, the same size as a credit card. Thinner cards will work in wider slots, which mean its possible to use Type I card in Type II slot, or Type I and II card in Type III slot. Usually all PCMCIA memory cards are Type I card – 3.3mm (0.13 in) thick.

There are three major categories of memory: flash, DRAM and SRAM, and ROM. Flash memory cards use ATA flash, CompactFlash, linear flash, or StrataFlash. Dynamic RAM (DRAM) stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor. Static RAM (SRAM) is more expensive than DRAM, but faster and more reliable. Synchronous SRAM is synchronized with the system clock. Asynchronous SRAM is not. Read-only memory (ROM) retains its contents even when the computer is turned off. ROM types for PCMCIA memory cards include one-time programmable read-only memory (OTP-RPM), erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM), and electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM).


Not all PCMCIA memory cards can be used with Newtons. In general Newtons can use linear flash, DRAMSRAM and ROM memory cards. There is possible to use FlashATA and CompactFlash (by CF to PCMCIA adapter) cards with Newtons, but there is need to use special drivers, designed by Paul Guyot – (will be link here to separate page). ATASupport driver working only with Newton 2.x, so MP120 with NOS 2.0, MP130 with NOS 2.0, MP2x00 and eMate 300.


Do not use FlashATA cards without ATA driver with your Newton. This might cause damage of your Newton!


Newton 1MB Storage Card (SRAM), P/N: H0028LL/A (for all Newton models)
Newton 2MB Flash Storage Card, P/N: H0008LL/A (for all MessagePad models, eMate: read only)
Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card, P/N: H0092LL/A (for all MessagePad models, eMate: read only )
Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card, P/N: H0230LL/A (for MessagePad 120 (2.0), 130, 2000, 2100, eMate)

SRAM cards: All Newtons
AMD D/AD (5V/5V): MP120(NOS2.0), MP130, 2×00, eMate 300
Intel Series 2 (5V/12V): MP100, MP110, MP120(NOS2.0), MP130, 2×00, eMate 300 (read only)
Intel Series 2+ (5V/5V): MP120(NOS2.0), MP130, 2×00, eMate 300
Intel Value Series 100 (5V/5V): 2×00, eMate 300
Intel Value Series 200: None
Most of the cards are based on Intel or AMD chips. They can be identified by serial numbers:
– Series 2: iMC0nnFLSA
– Series 2+: iMC0nnFLSP
– Value Series 100: iMC0nnFLSC
*’nn’ is the capacity