Maybe ‘SHOP’ is too much… but I always have something to Buy/Sell/Exchange 🙂

If you have something to sell or want to exchange something, drop me a line, please!


GPS card for Newton. Working great with Newton. This is CompactFlash card, but can be used with adaptor (I will give you one). – £45

Customised WiFi card for Newton. This card working on standard WiFi driver for Newton, so you don’t need any additional drivers or software. – £45

Battery tray for Newton 2×00. This is great option, if your original battery is dead and you want to use your Newton outside the house 🙂 Tray for 4xAA batteries. – £99

Customised 16MB memory card for Newton. Cards working with Newton 2×00 and eMate 300. Cards are in 3 colours: green, blue and red. – £45

I have much more things for Newton and couple spare Newtons too. If you looking for something – ask me 🙂

USB to Newton cable (see a post with description) – £50