I just discovered that i have Newton 2000 with upgrade to 2100 and with some module, which speed up Newton. I didn’t knew about it before, because Newton has never been run before by me.

At the beginning I thought that Newton is broken, because I couldn’t get connection with computer to backup data. That was weird. The second thing was different startup sound – the pitch was too high. So, I decided to open Newton and check it. And bingo! There is some module inside!

I asked Newton community to help me recognise this module. More info later…


And after couple minutes my friend Jake Bordens (constructor of the internal WiFi module for Newton) send me name of this module. It is Implant-2000, accelerator board for Newton 2×00, produced by the PIXsolution company in 1998 year. Couple info about this module (archive website):

  • CPU speed control based on Implant-2000 technology
  • sleep mode to save battery power
  • switch control to deactivate Implant-2000 module on the fly
  • Implant-2000 performance factor about 40%-60%
  • realtime clock NOT accelerated (full compatible)
  • maximum quiescont supply current 3.3 Volt 200uA
  • maximum quiescont supply current in sleep mode 100uA
  • Implant-2000 based on 3.3V CMOS technology
  • fixed CPU speed factor over 220MHz
  • Size: length 29 mm; width 25 mm; height 4 mm

What is interesting, this module allow to switch between original and ‘new’ speed. Thanks to this, Newton don’t have problems when I want to connect to computer or run sensitive programs.

This module is very small, so (as you see on photo) can be installed inside Newton. The only one think I don’t like is the quality of installation of this module. Someone just used sticker tape. It does not look professional. I will try fix it in future.